All cast by me, hand painted, fully signed and dated. Most artwork has piping hand drawn on, (embossed look) which creates a raised look. No two pieces are the same.

There is no way to capture the piping detail with a photograph. Cast extremely light in weight, my tree decor items are like the old world glass ornaments. I control the process from beginning to end taking high fire casting to its ultimate limits which allows me to control the lightness. These are exquisite and unlike any art you have seen.


Her art is porcelain and stoneware piping and water coloring on porcelain or stoneware with a mixture of Medias. Porcelain is her greatest passion and she loves the complexity and challenges of it. She has been doing high-fired arts since the winter of 2000 and is a graphic artist.

She does both commissioned art and production art of yearly collectibles.

There are three inspiring teachers in her life that gave her a lot of encouragement, even though it is important for her to do her own thing; they have been very helpful with their guidance and all the basics. She would like to thank her mother, Penny Yeatts, David Hoff, and Keith Mikeworth.

She is a self-taught artist and she became certified for the Duncan Teacher Certification Program to teach ceramics the summer of 2000. Certification taught her the basics to regular ceramics and how to use products available. Her mother (a Duncan Ambassador) taught the Duncan certification classes and encouraged her to take on the challenges of the high firing realm.

Yet, she still did not acquire the liking for ceramics until she was able to transform it into something different, dainty, tiny, and more than just something to paint. Her goal was to create something unique and collectible - something to treasure for years to come. Her first pieces of artwork were teapots sold at Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico.